Portrait of Frauke Finsterwalder

75 x 80 cm

oil on canvas



At the end of 2021, Christian Kracht asked me if I might consider painting a portrait of his wife and friend Frauke Finsterwalder, the filmdirector of Sissi and I.

We already had a connection because my painting “Man with cherries” was used for the cover of his novel “Eurotrash”, so I was hounered for the second time.

I’ve told him this would be the first time for me to paint a realistic portrait because I didn’t accept commissions before, I would give it a try.

But at the end, working on this portrait was so excited for me that it became a new chapter in my routine, it was the start for me to accept more commissioned work.

I am very grateful to Mr Kracht for his faith and trust in me, which gave me the opportunity to grow further and expand my work, xx Christian!