Book cover Eurotrash van Christian Kracht door Karien Deroo

2021 I Christian Kracht’s Eurotrash bookcover

Last year I was very proud and honoured that one of my paintings from the past,  “man with cherries” was chosen by the renowned author Christian Kracht himself as the cover for his new novel ”Eurotrash”, which was published by the German Publishing House Kiepenheuer & Witsch, one of the major German publishers of fiction and non-fiction today! It was published as a hardcover last spring in Köln for German speaking languages.

This autumn it has been translated in Dutch by Singel Uitgeverijen/De Arbeiderspers of Amsterdam as a book & ebook, so the success of the German novel can be repeated in our language, and I can finally read it!

Eurotrash is available in the better bookstores, so check it out!!